Sonntag, 28. Februar 2010

Wanna feel comatose? Combine fats & fruits

Originally I started this blog with the intention to immerse myself in raw cuisine. The idea was to post my progress in the direction of creating more and more elaborate dishes (raw "gourmet" stuff so to speak).

I started this blog right after returning from a two-weeks certificate course at Ann Wigmore Institute in Puerto Rico. As one can see on this blog I stacked up on nuts and seeds and created (mostly) nice tasting concoctions that combined fruits and considerable amounts of fat.
What struck me was, that I experienced phases of extreme exhaustion during the first two weeks after my return. Before my detox at AWI I had done up to 8 hours endurance training a week. Afterwards I had to drag myself to get physically active, I felt like sleeping all the time. I have a history of feeling fatigued often, but that was something else ...

I told my "living foods mentor" (hey Mike;-) - and all he said was "fruits". He then explained to me that the combination of fruits and fat has not a healthy effect on the body at all. Well, I immediately abolished those combinations - and felt better almost right away. I immersed myself in the 80/10/10 (80 percent carbs, 10 percent protein; 10 percent fat) concept by Dr. Douglas Graham, and the more I read the more it felt intuitively logical and a path worthwhile to follow. Which I am doing by a reduction of my fat intake and an increased consumption of fruit and hey, it feels right.

I have never eaten much fruit before, as I could just bear it on an empty stomach. Which I now do too, basically, I just have way more. And the more I eat, the more I want to have it. So, no raw cuisine recipes for the time being. As I feel the simpler and closer to their original state I eat my meals, the better for me. Which also means: Raw gourmet cuisine is nothing that I feel like pursuing much more at this point, as most of it is packed with dishes high in nuts and seeds.

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