Sonntag, 28. Februar 2010

Beat the "Crackao"-addiction

Before going to AWI in Puerto Rico I think I had dark chocolate almost every day. Since Jan 16th I've eaten it just twice (yay!).

Really helpful in drastically diminishing my appetite was this article, that I can hightly recommend to anyone who has a hard time battling the addiction to "crackao":

This one here is also interesting:

Waaay healthier treats are carob pods (introduced to me by John Kohler from - thanks for this. I was truly enraptured while eating it). They taste like candy bars, but beware of the pits inside of them. So far no success in tracking some down in Germany ... grrrr. Yet another reason to emigrate ...

Medjhool Dates also make a neat sweet treat (not everyday maybe, I think they might become addictive too).

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