Montag, 22. Februar 2010

Raw Puerto Rican Mofongo German Style

I had raw Mofongo for the first time at the vegan restaurant Zona Naturale in Aguada, Puerto Rico. It was the first raw "gourmet" meal after doing a two weeks certification course on Living Foods at the Ann Wigmore Institute while eating (mainly) papaya and energys soup (okay, I skipped that one during the second week).

Traditionally it is prepared with fried plantains, garlic and all sorts of beefy stuff. As we don't have plantains here in Germany, I used a banana instead (guess the plantains provide a much tastier color ...).

Semi-dehydrate banana cut in thin stripes.
Marinate Zucchini in Soy sauce and garlic (tastes fine like this, but I dehydrated them a bit).
Mash warm banana with fork, add crushed garlic, a dash of salt and (my version) a bit of hot pepper. Eat still warm - er ... and with eyes closed.

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